Friday, July 31, 2009

On Cowgirls, Picnics, And Yes, More Cheese

Has anybody else noticed that it's warm outside? I measure the heat by how big my hair is, and how many bobby pins are needed to secure it. Today, the bobby pin index is four. Yes, summer is firmly in place, my friends, and you may now find yourselves itching to picnic.

I like to picnic as much as the next girl, but for me it's not as simple as just throwing some chicken, soda, and chips in a cooler and grabbing a blanket. My picnic preferences run a little fussy, I'm afraid. For one thing, I don't like bugs, so sprawling on the grass is pretty much out. My dream picnic setting is a wraparound porch overlooking the ocean. Cold chicken would be alright, but there's something about duck pate that makes me just a touch happier. A bottle of wine would replace the ho-hum soda in my picnic fantasy. And finally, we will need cheese.

What is a picnic of pate and wine without cheese? Sad, that's what. You don't have to make your own this time, but you should treat yourself to something exceptional. Something like the outrageous Mt. Tam. This is a triple-cream of the highest order. It's rich and decadent but not overly buttery. I discovered it last weekend at Cowgirl Creamery, my new favorite shop. Forget that the name is awesome, this place is a food-lover's heaven. It's filled with the scent of fresh cheeses and bread. Shelves of sophisticated condiments and crackers line the walls. White-hatted ladies and gentlemen stand by, ready to offer a sliver of Manchego or a crumble of Gorgonzola. But the smooth Mt. Tam is my current favorite.

If you can't get to the Creamery you might consider buying their cheese online. Your picnic mates will thank you.

Photograph from Cowgirl Creamery website

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